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SEGULA Technologies’ Innovative Startup Hub

HeXplora is SEGULA Technologies’ hub for innovative startups. HeXplora is a platform of support and acceleration services for innovative startups aligned with SEGULA’s skills or the needs of its customers.

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About SEGULA Technologies
To strengthen its relationships with innovative startups, Segula created HeXplora.

SEGULA Technologies, a global engineering group, places innovation at the heart of its strategy with a continuous connection to business and customers.

SEGULA has a long history of open, collaborative innovation with employees, customers, innovation centres, laboratories, engineering schools, startups, and SMEs.

Objective: to accelerate the development of innovative solutions for its customers.

Advantages of the HeXplora programme


Design/style, joint product development, computing power and software licences, prototyping, industrialisation study, testing and control resources, etc.


Opening of SEGULA’s portfolio of more than 300 industrial customers

Co-marketing: the startup’s offering integrated into SEGULA’s sales proposals


Connection with partner experts specialising in innovation financing

Integration into an existing collaborative project or creation of an ad hoc project


Connection with partners who have a full knowledge of the investment funds to which your file may be presented.

Segula’s technological fields of exploration

Is your activity related to one of these specialities?

Apply to join the HeXplora Programme.


  • AGV/industrial drone
  • AAR/VR, 3D scanning, digitisation of factories
  • Cobotics, assistive robot, exoskeleton
  • Maintenance and predictive quality (sensors + data science)
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Paperless factory
  • Cybersecurity
  • (…)


  • New mobility solutions
  • ADAS, Sensors
  • V2V and V2I communication, human/vehicle interface
  • Integration/embedded systems (technical and functional architectures, fusion engine)
  • Data security
  • (…)


  • New energy production systems
  • Energy modelling
  • Fuel cell
  • Electric & hybrid propulsion
  • Cleanup system, CO2 reduction, CO2 capture and disposal
  • Thermal energy storage (MCP)
  • Recovery of metals
  • (…)


  • Innovative alloys
  • Composite and bio-sourced materials
  • Structure streamlining
  • (…)


  • Modelling and simulation
  • Structure calculations
  • (…)


  • Project management
  • HR engineering (AI, etc.)
  • Dynamic resource planning
  • Automated CAD
  • (…)

Steps of the programme

Whatever your stage of development: submit your application to us, we will study it within one month.

Study of the technical relevance of your innovation and its economic potential, taking into account the proper alignment of your solution with the interests of SEGULA and its customers.

In-depth analysis of your technical needs and/or identification of use cases eligible for the implementation of your solution, in collaboration with our operational departments.

Demonstration and confirmation of the value proposition of your innovation.

Access to our technical expertise, innovation financing, support in your business development and fundraising.

Testimonials of our partner startups

Working closely with SEGULA Technologies is a real opportunity for Asystom to accelerate the penetration of predictive maintenance within large industrial groups in various sectors, such as aeronautics, automotive, mining, chemicals, and more.
Pierre Naccache
President of Asystom
When faced with potential customers for our wind turbines, we lacked credibility. They asked us ‘who validated your CFD?’. Selecting SEGULA Technologies, and its position as a leading engineer, is a quality selling point.
Antoine Brichot
CEO of Wind My Roof
Thanks to the commitment of SEGULA’s Research & Innovation teams, we have made significant progress on both the technical and functional conception and the design of our WalkCare walking robot. This collaboration has paid off, since Novéup won the 2019 SilverEco Audience Award!
Gilles Ghrenassia
CEO of Novéup


HeXplora is a hybrid entity with missions specific to an incubator and an accelerator. HeXplora is a hub providing support and acceleration services for innovative startups aligned with SEGULA’s skills or the needs of its customers.

The HeXplora Hub Programme is orchestrated by SEGULA’s Open Innovation team. It takes place in several stages, from the identification and selection of startups to the establishment of partnerships as well as the establishment of relationships with SEGULA’s business departments and an experimentation phase. The HeXplora Programme lasts 12 months, a period during which SEGULA will work to detect and study startups on an ongoing basis that are aligned with its expectations and those of its customers. The 2020 edition of the programme starts at the end of 2019.

SEGULA has worked with all its sectoral departments to define a list of priority technological fields of investigation on which the group and its customers have expressed the desire to explore prospects for radical or “disruptive” innovation.

To introduce itself to SEGULA, a startup can submit an application at any time by completing the form available here.

If the innovation developed by a startup attracts the attention of SEGULA’s Open Innovation team, it will be brought to the attention of the ad hoc internal teams for an evaluation based on two criteria: technical (examination by the technical departments) and business (examination by the business divisions).

If the assessment by our technical and business teams is positive following the technical and business analyses of your innovation, you will be contacted directly by the HeXplora Programme coordination team to organise a face-to-face meeting with the appropriate SEGULA operational departments.

Depending on the stage of your startup’s life cycle (prototyping, initiation, development/launch, etc.), and if selected, you will have access to a range of services designed to accelerate your activity:

  • access to the technical expertise of an engineer (design, calculations, prototyping, industrialisation, etc.);
  • access to SEGULA’s customer portfolio;
  • access to SEGULA’s partners specialising in innovation financing and fundraising assistance;

In addition, SEGULA’s partner startups will benefit from the group’s communication actions (communication campaign on social networks, press releases, hosting at SEGULA’s booth at specialised fairs, etc.).

A startup selected for the HeXplora Programme may have offices made available by SEGULA at one of its sites for the duration of the collaboration project and on a case-by-case basis. For reasons of convenience and proximity to SEGULA’s experts. However, HeXplora does not intend to host startups for the long term as offered by incubators and some accelerators.

The confidentiality of information communicated to SEGULA by selected startups will be the subject of an NDA signed by both parties. In the event of a commercial partnership or joint development, a specific contract will be established between the startup and SEGULA to provide a framework for the obligations and interests of each of the parties.